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Jones Family Gathering 2017
elebrating Our Heritage!
The Third Jones Family Gathering
will be held
July 1 - July 3, 2017


Chicago, Illinois!

3rd Jones Family Gathering


Reunion Updates 2017:

3rd Jones Family Gathering

3rd Jones Family Gathering

3rd Jones Family Gathering

3rd Jones Family Gathering


3rd Jones Family Gathering

3rd Jones Family Gathering

3rd Jones Family Gathering


Family News

Special Prayer Requests:



Jones Family Gathering 2015
elebrating Our Heritage!
The Second Jones Family Gathering
will be held
July 31 - August 2, 2015


Columbia, South Carolina!
2nd Jones Family Gathering

2015 Reunion Theme:  "Getting back to our roots..."

Who: Don't be silly ... YOU (If you are part of the Buck and Ida Jones Family)

What: Jones Family Reunion 2015!

When: July 31, 2015 - August 2, 2015

Where: Columbia, South Carolina

Why: Really? Okay, because...  "We Are Family..."

How: Well, "We've planned some tours of: The Columbia State House (South Carolina's State Capital), Norway, South Carolina and the African American Historical bus tour of Columbia on Saturday. Saluda Shoals Park is where we will have a family picnic on Friday, and just hanging out getting to know each other a little better for the few days we're together."  (Cousin Patty)

Special thanks to the family members of Uncle Buck Jones, Jr. and Uncle John Henry Jones for planning what will be an exciting event!


Reunion Updates 2015:

Hello Jones Family,

It is time to celebrate "returning to our roots" on July 31st thru August 2nd!

There are some families in the Buck Jones clan that will not be attending this year
due to our Mother's heart surgery on July 20th. The surgery went fantastically well,
Praise God, and Mom is currently resting and progressing well!! She wanted us to
continue with the Family Reunion, so to honor her, we will continue on as planned!

We had to go with another Caterer, for a cheaper rate, and this caused us to not
have to ask for additional money, God has provided all that we need!!

There is a lot of focus on Columbia, South Carolina these past few days because of
the recent shootings at a black church in Charleston. The rallies around the
confederate flag have been strong at the Columbia State House, which is one of
our scheduled tours on Saturday. Our reservation was made prior to the controversy
over the flag.

I called the State House and they said the rallies have stopped and our tour should
go smoothly.

This controversy gives us a true look at our past and what our parents and ancestors
had to endure in the South! It's going to be very interesting!

Our Itinerary will be as follows:

Friday, July 31st, At The Park:

10:00am -  Arrival and setup

11:00 - 12:00 - Train ride around the Park

12:00 - 7:00  - Meet & Greet, Fun, Food & Fellowship through out the rest of the day.

Our shelter is located near bathrooms, kids playground and splash pad ($3.00 per person) Splash Pad is open for Adults, Teens & Children. Make sure you bring extra clothes to get wet (dress moderately) and towels.

There will be lots of food, games & music! T-shirts will be given out, to wear on the bus tour Saturday!

Saturday, August 1st, Jones Family Bus Tour:
(Wear your T-Shirts)

9:30 - Bus Pickup @ the Hotel

1030 - 1130 State House

11:45 - 12:30 McKissick Museum @ University of South Carolina

12:45 - 2:00 African American Historic Bus Tour of downtown Columbia

2:00 - 3:30 Lunch at Five Points

3:30 - 4:30 Bus to Norway

4:30 - 6:30 - Tour of Norway and ride back to Hotel

6:30 - 7:00  Drop-off at Hotel

Saturday's dinner you are responsible for. Hopefully, we'll have plenty of leftovers from Friday's meal. We will have a Hospitality Room (The Board Room), where we can eat and hang-out till bedtime both Friday and Saturday nights! :)

Sunday, August 2nd:

We have a special invitation from the Word of God Church, who has given us a major discount on the use of their bus, Saturday! Church begins @ 8:00 am till 10:00 am...there is also an 11:00 am service. Hopefully, some of you will be attending with me at the 8:00, to show our appreciation and to Worship God for All of His Goodness, in putting our 2015 Reunion together! They will pick us up at the hotel (if we want) and reserve a spot for us to sit during the service too.

This will also be the day we'll be saying goodbye, till we meet again in 2017! May God's Richest and Best be Yours Mighty Jones Family!! May we continue to keep this dream of Uncle Charlie's alive for generations to come!!  :)

Love & Blessings!


Special thanks to Patty and Wanda for putting together and sending out the letters
to the family. A copy of the letter is posted below as part of this update!

Please read carefully and act accordingly. ;-)

reunion flyer

Click on image to enlarge.

reunion letter

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reunion costs

Click on image to enlarge.

Here is the new T-shirt design for this Family Reunion. Thanks to Chelsea and Patty for their ideas!

reunion t-shirt

Click on image to enlarge.


Family News

Congratulations to our Cousin Wanda! She has just been appointed to a prestigious position in the State Of Michigan Governor's Cabinet!

Wanda will begin her duties as Deputy Director of LARA (State of Michigan Department Of Licensing And Regulatory Affairs) on June 15th, 2015.

We are all very proud of you Wanda! You are a shining example of the greatness within our Jones Family! Keep blazing trails!


Special Prayer Request:
While we are planning for our wonderful event, let's always be aware this is really about family. On a sad note, one of our family members, Richey Small, son of Aunt Oletha Jones Small, is in need of our prayers. We've been told he has cancer. Please keep him in your prayers.

Jones Family Gathering 2014
elebrating Our Heritage!

The Inaugural Jones Family Gathering
was held
July  3-5, 2014


Fayetteville/Atlanta, Georgia

Inaugural Jones Family Gathering

Inaugural Jones Family Gathering


For questions or inquiries contact:
Patricia Mahin